"Now the curtains have been lifted, it is now clear that they (PDP-BJP) are together. They should now come in open and form the government to bring us out of the sufferings," Omar told reporters here after casting his vote for the election to the four seats of the Rajya Sabha.
"If PDP and BJP can come together in these (Rajya Sabha) elections why cannot they provide a government to the people of the state. Why is that we are made to suffer under the Governor rule," Omar Said.
The former chief minister elaborated on the point by saying that if they (PDP-BJP) can contest together in Rajya Sabha polls they should also form the government as soon as possible.
He said more than a month has passed, but these parties have shown no willingness to form the government.
On his party supporting Congress candidate Ghulam Nabi Azad in the Rajya Sabha elections, Omar said, "If PDP and BJP can come closer in these elections, despite their ideological differences, our relations with Congress are very old and we have no difference on ideological front on secularism," he said.
He said there should be no objection if NC votes for Azad and make him victorious to represent them in Rajya Sabha.
He ruled out any compulsion as far as supporting Azad in these elections are concerned.
While expressing hope about the victory of Ghulam Nabi Azad, he said all those having secular ideology are expected to vote for him to ensure his victory.
"We are confident that Azad will be victorious and will get votes which he needs from everyone including independents," he said.
Alleging that BJP has been manipulating these elections, Omar said "if they (BJP) are using their influence to defeat Azad and some IAS and IPS officers are being used to defeat Azad, we are confident that he will win".
Replying to a question about Delhi elections, he said, "... As per my analysis, if the elections would have taken place soon after the Parliamentary elections, BJP would have scored major success, but it is difficult for BJP (now)... ."
He said that pre poll surveys and post poll results have always been different in past. "You (media) had given me only five seats in pre poll surveys but I took 15 seats," he said.

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