New Delhi: Finance minister Pranab Mukherji must have tried enough to cover the controversial note on the 2G spectrum allocation issue by the Finance ministry, but the matter failed to escape the clutches of the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC).

Appearing before the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on Wednesday, R Gopalan, Secretary of Economic Affairs and finance secretary RS Gujral stated that the note on the 2G spectrum dated March 25, 2011 was prepared after obtaining inputs from all ministries concerned.

Gopalan informed the committee that the last year’s note on the auction of 2G spectrum was prepared on basis of the facts provided by various ministries. The note was prepared so that all the ministries could have same set of facts on the issue and that could be used as a background note.

He admitted that as a senior most official of the finance ministry he was responsible for its preparation.
Members of the JPC questioned Gopalan on the relevance of the note when the court was already acting on the case.

Gurudas Dasgupta of the CPI asked whether the note blamed the then finance minister P Chidambaram for not preventing the scam by insisting on an auction of the 2G spectrum, to which Gopalan replied that the note is just a record of facts.

BJP’s Jaswant Singh questioned the officials of the Finance ministry that if the statement “this has been seen by the finance minister” written on the note implied that it had the approval of Pranab Mukherjee.
Gopalan denied answering the question.