Faridabad:  The water dispute among the three northern states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh is on the way to a viable solution. The three states have been involved in a tug-of-war over the irregular water distribution of river Yamuna.

In order to maintain an equal water distribution to all states, the Central Water Commission (CWC) has chalked out plans to install automatic meters at Hindon Canal near Kalindi Kunj which will measure the quantity of river Ganga water being released into Yamuna.

The Uttar Pradesh irrigation department was in the habit of taking more water than its share leading to water shortage and drying of reservoirs in the other two states . The two other states had complained to the Commission in this regard.

The officials of CWC and the states’ irrigation departments had undertaken a survey tour of Yamua river from Okhla barrage to Nizammudin barrage but due to the stagnant water, the metering could not be completed.

Therefore, the officials decided upon installating automatic meters to measure the amount of Yamuna water claimed by Uttar Pradesh. This will lead to states of Haryana and Rajasthan getting the correct quantity of Yamuna water.

Verifying the decision taken by the CWC, an engineer of Haryana Irrigation Department SS Chikara said, “The CWC will soon issue the orders to implement the policy before the kharif season.”

Details of tri-monthly water distribution:

March to June: Rajasthan 22 percent, Uttar Pradesh 26 percent, Haryana 52 percent

July to October: Rajasthan 15 percent, Uttar Pradesh 78 percent, Haryana 7 percent

November to February: 21 percent, Uttar Pradesh 26 percent, Haryana 53 percent