New Delhi: The answers being sought by the Ministry of Home Affairs from the agencies involved in projects ahead of the Commonwealth Games has left the officials concerned a harried lot.

MHA has asked the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Public Works Department (PWD), Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) to explain their position on the findings of the Shunglu Committee.

PWD, DDA, MCD and NDMC were directly related in carrying out projects for CWG and the action of MHA remained a talking point among the officials of these bodies on Tuesday. 

MCD, PWD and DDA officials called a meeting on Tuesday and discussed the questions raised by the Home Ministry. The main concern of maximum engineers was how to interpret the stand of central government.

The officials would have to keep guessing the outcome of this exercise till the MHA submits its report to the government.
Meanwhile, PWD is gearing up to give answers based on the findings of Shunglu report. One of the senior engineers of PWD said that they had sent a report in that regard to the Delhi government and now they would have to prepare a fresh report and that would take some time.