NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Hudhud on Friday as it reached hurricane-force. The data showed the coldest cloud top temperatures were in thunderstorms. Cloud top temperatures were as cold as 53 degree Celsius, which have the potential for dropping heavy rainfall.

Hudhud's maximum sustained winds were nearer to 75 knots (138.9 kph) Friday. It was centred near 15.5 north and 86.7 east, about 250 nautical miles southeast  Visakhapatnam.

Hudhud has tracked northwestward at 6 knots (11.1 kph).Forecasters at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) of US Navy indicated on Friday that animated enhanced infrared satellite imagery showed that bands of thunderstorms have become more tightly wrapped into the low-level centre.

In addition, micro-wave satellite data revealed an eye in the storm. The JTWC expects the cyclone to remain on a generally west-northwestward trajectory over the next couple of days.

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