Mumbai: 'Delhi Belly' track 'D K Bose' is all set to top the music charts. The film's first theatrical promo showcases the song, which smartly plays with words to get away with a commonly used expletive, will become an instant hit with the youth.

While the up tempo rock based theme stands out, there's no denying the songs appeal lies in its witty lyrics.

When you hear this track of Delhi Belly titled D K Bose, you'll go what the...!

The 'Bhaag DK Bose, Dk Bose Dk Bhaag' line will catch your attention wondering if the song is incorporating a popular Hindi abuse.

The lyrics are written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and sung by Ram Sampath. A source reveals that Aamir was totally shocked on hearing the song during the recording.

"His first reaction was of disbelief, but then he realised the words were referring to a character called D K Bose. It was smartly conceptualised."

Here's a sample of what you will end up hearing in the song...

Bhaag D K Bose

Daddy Mujhse Bola , Tu Galti hai Meri

Tujh pe Zindgaani , Guilty hai Meri

Saabun Ki Shakal Mein , Beta Tu to Nikla Keval Jhaag

Jhaag , Jhaag , Bhaag

Bhaag D K Bose, D K Bose D K Bhaag!