London: Indian Overseas Congress in the UK on Sunday joined issue with British Labour MP Keith Vaz for asking Indian parliamentarians to be cautious about Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retail.
Describing Vaz's remarks as disappointing, D L Kalhan, President of the IOC said it was unbecoming of a British MP to interfere in India's internal affairs.
"Furthermore, judging from what he said, Vaz seems to be unaware that the Indian government has imposed conditions on foreign supermarkets chains who wish to invest now. These will not only ensure massive investment in the agricultural sector, where about 35 per cent of the vegetable and other produce is being wasted, create cold storage and food processing industries but also generate jobs on an unprecedented scale in cities and villages," Kalhan said.
Farmers would get higher prices for their produce while consumers would get lower prices, he said, adding that it was a complete win-win for India.
While speaking to members of the Indian Journalists' Association here on September 19, Indian-origin Labour MP Vaz had advised Indian legislators to be careful while handling the issue of FDI in retail, cautioning that a major dominance by supermarkets may not be in the interest of the common man.
Making it clear that he was not in a position to advice Indian MPs, Vaz, Chairman of Britain's Home Affairs Committee, said "if India allows big supermarkets to come in, they will not hesitate to have same dominance as in the United States. I don't think it is good for the common man."
He said that Indian parliamentarians should be careful adding, "Modernise retail but don't hand it over."


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