The chat show which provides its viewers an extraordinary glimpse into the lives of their favourite celebrities had two young talents of B-Town this week.

Anupam Kher asked the vivacious Parineeti, “I’m sure you were the monitor of your class, being so bright and smart. Were you good in sports and other extra-curricular activities as well?”

The bubbly actress said, “Actually except sports, I was good at everything in school… I was the good daughter who was good at co-curricular activities like dramatics and debates, was the class monitor and head girl of the school and managed to get good grades. In fact, both my younger brothers (Shivang and Saraj) always kept cribbing that they had to study harder because I made a benchmark for them to follow.”

Talking about her experience in Manchester Business School the actress said wherever she stands today is because of what she learnt from the Business School.

When asked by Anupam that has she sold tea at Manchester United Football Club, Parineeti replied, “Yes I did”.
“People get very impressed when I tell them I have worked at Manchester United, but I have never had any affinity towards sports. I used to get 10 pounds per hour,” she added.

Talking about the actress’s weight Anupam asked her, “So you had put on a lot of weight during that period?”
To which Parineeti said, “Yes, a lot of weight. During that time, I had become a vegetarian and would only be eating pizzas, pastas, subs and a lot of oily food items. I was literally double the size of what I am now.”

Sharing about her experience of seeing a Bollywood actor for the first time in Yash Raj studio Parineeti said, “I can never forget that day. Because my favourite actor Saif Ali Khan… I saw him right outside the studio. I am the biggest fan of Saif Ali Khan in this world. I remember I ate lunch in the studio that day, and you get a tissue with a Yash Raj logo on it…till today, I have that tissue in my wallet.”

“So Parineeti has been a great student, monitor of her class, bright, but I have a feeling you are completely opposite to her...” said Anupam talking to Aditya.

Aditya said “I am a sportsman… I hardly studied. I was a little crazy… I would wake up at 4 in the morning to watch cartoons, but would fake a stomach ache just when it was time for school at 7. And then by 9, I would be all right and running about in my building. I used to bunk school. Both my brothers were really great at studies… Siddharth was the head boy and Kunal was the prefect… and I was the failure! I actually failed my 6th standard and had to repeat the year in the same school.”

Talking about how he entered into movies Aditya said “Since I was a VJ (with Channel V), I was constantly in the public eye. So, we are often called for auditions. A casting director called Amrita Saigal, who helped me a lot, called me and said there was a role of a guitarist in the movie London Dreams (Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn) which would be shot in London. I got excited, but I never turned up for the auditions. Later I felt guilty that someone was calling me and I didn’t turn up, so I went for it. And luckily I got the role.”

Aditya Roy Kapur and Parineeti Chopra are soon to be seen cooking the recipe of love in their upcoming film ‘Dawaat-E-Ishq’. Helmed by Habib Faisal the movie is slated to release on September 19.

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