The court refused to provide relief to Akhlaq’s brother Jan Mohammad, the prime accused in the Dadri Lynching case.

An FIR was lodged against the family last month after a government forensic probe said the meat recovered from Akhlaq’s home was beef, contradicting an earlier report that said it was mutton.

Akhlaq’s neighbours in Bisada village then filed a petition in a local court, alleging that the family had killed a calf last September, and that Jan Mohammad was seen slitting the throat of the animal.

But the family of Akhlaq said that they neither consumed beef nor stored cow meat in their house.

A mahapanchayat held in the area in June demanded strict action against the family and justified Ikhaq’s murder, saying the family broke the law and insulted Hindu sentiments by killing a calf.

On September 28 last year, Akhlaq was beaten to death by an angry mob, while his son Danish was injured seriously after announcements were made from a nearby temple that the family had consumed beef. The incident sparked off an outrage across the country.

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