When Dainik Jagran was launched in the NCR region in 1990, an era of lacklustreness    prevailed in Hindi journalism due to the ‘hegemony’ in newspapers, as just one stream of news was in the trend. News was framed with note of one-sided definition. Then Editor-In-Chief Narendra Mohan took a pledge to ensure that such a newspaper would be published in the national capital region which could shatter the vogue of one-sided journalism and would simultaneously connect with the readers in a way by emphasizing   pro-active role in the process of development. Today, even after 24 years of that pledge, Dainik Jagran continues to stand by it and adheres to its principles.

Not just a paper but also a friend, this tagline does not exist mere a slogan. However,  the incorporation of the very principle of Dainik Jagran has made a tireless effort to live by it and by doing so, it can safely claim to be a witness to the growth story of the national capital till now. Dainik Jagran has also proved that it’s indeed the newspaper which reflects thoughts of a changing era. By taking into account the social factors into its working culture and making it an essential element, the newspaper holds onto its cultures and traditions without any compromise. In addition, it does cater to the changing expectations, aspirations and necessities of the readers. Thus, it has eventually evolved as a newspaper bearing the competency to be called an agent of change, and guardian of the purity of national language Hindi.

Statistics and credibility speak volumes that today, Dainik Jagran is the number one newspaper of entire national capital region. In this hard competition, where newspapers slog to stick out its neck, being numero uno is no child’s play. Dainik Jagran has achieved this grand success purely on the merit of its unadulterated and undiluted output,  purity and parity in delivering information and an out-and-out faith and confidence reposed by the readers. It never opted for any shortcut and kept itself miles away from riding on the back of sensational journalism. Now in NCR, Dainik Jagran has achieved a prestigious pedestal in the mind and heart of lakhs of readers comprising every age and section and this could happen mainly due to the organization’s unflinching sense of responsibility and its tenacity to stay impartial and trustworthy. It is more difficult to maintain the number one position than achieving it. To stay on zenith is the ultimate test of the entire team of Dainik Jagran, which is driven by passion and determination. The newspaper witnessed and countered a number of testing times but it always rose to the occasion in a cohesive and comprehensive fashion. If we never slipped from the pinnacle, the major reason behind this credibility of the newspaper has been an adherence to journalistic commitments in toto.

On this occasion, Dainik Jagran extends greetings to its readers and well-wishers and heart-felt thanks to the entire team.