Several questions were raised regarding the modus operandi adopted by the agency which is associated with IRS. This is one of the major reasons why Dainik Jagran is opposed to IRS’ process and results. There are a number of contradictions regarding the readership and it overlooks the ground realities associated with circulation which is the prime determinant of readership.

The scenario presented by IRS-2013 survey is a far cry from the ground reality and the survey has ignored all facts associated with circulation. The survey results are questionable mainly since it takes several dissimilar statistics into account.

The survey says that in Kanpur, 2 persons read a copy of Dainik Jagran, while 11 people read one copy of rival papers. A contradictory picture can be seen in Varanasi as well and the survey presents a divergent scenario of similar nature in several states as well.

The rival newspapers have lesser number of readers compared to the leading publications of the area. Despite, the rival newspapers have been stated to be number one in the survey. Due to such contradictions, the survey’s results have come under scrutiny and taking this very point into consideration, Dainik Jagran has expressed strong reservation over the nature and outcome of the survey.

According to Dainik Jagran, though the IRS has placed the newspaper on number one position, it can’t be ignored that the procedures and results of survey are full of shortcomings. Dainik Jagran believes in transparency and honesty and that’s why it’s opposed to the survey.


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