The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported on Tuesday the AIS had found a dairy-rich meal that around two hours before exercise can counter calcium loss during exercise.

Athletes in low-impact sports, such as cycling, rowing and swimming, lose calcium through sweating which can weaken the bones and lead to osteoporosis later in life. Head of sports nutrition at the AIS, Louise Burke, said the research backed by Dairy Australia showed the body, when seeking calcium for blood sweat, used the digesting food rather than bones.

"It stops your bones from having to dissolve a little bit, to put the calcium back into the blood stream, as to being lost from the blood sweat," said Burke.

So any time it feels that a little bit is going down, it has to rush to the nearest available calcium source to get it back into the blood stream. High-impact exercise like running stimulates bone growth and the opposite is true for low-impact exercise, where the lack of weight bearing activity leads to low bone mineral density.

Burke said weekend cyclists could benefit by considering what to drink after their morning rides."All cyclists could think about their choice of pre-ride breakfast or, when they stop at a cafe on a weekend ride, consider ordering a latte or hot chocolate rather than a short black.


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