Mumbai (Agencies): In a spiritual discourse, Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama on Saturday said he considered himself a "messenger" of core Indian values of non-violence and secularism.

Dalai Lama said that in India, the principles of non-violence and secularism are not just preached but also practised.

"I am the 'sevak' carrying this message wherever I travel outside the country," he said.

He said technological advancements of the 21st century cannot bring peace, brotherhood and happiness. "All religions teach these values and India is the only country in the world where these teachings thrive. Mumbai is one such glaring example," the spiritual leader noted.

"Wealth cannot bring peace of mind. Our religious teachings have the strength, capacity and potential to bring inner peace."

"Buddha experienced sorrow and sadness and understood it before attaining moksha and nirvana."

The word Buddha did not mean a particular individual but "it meant to attain nirvana and moksha, to get rid of your shortcomings, wrong thoughts. To rid yourself of sorrow and sin, you have to understand it first."

He said he is 76 years old, but still studies whenever he gets time.

"Education is very important and essential part of your life. The uniqueness of Buddhism is to utilise human intelligence in the maximum way," he added.