According to police, the teenager was found dead at his home in Gohana town in Sonepat district, though the boy's family approached the police alleging that he died while in police custody.
Some members of the 'Gadia lohar' (iron smiths) community had on Wednesday approached the Sonepat police charging the boy with the theft of a pigeon and demanded appropriate action against him, Superintendent of Police, Sonepat, Abhishek Garg said.
However, the SP said the boy's family has alleged that the teenager had been brought to the police station at Gohana by the 'Lohars' and that he died while in police custody. Meanwhile, the boy's family clashed with the police in Gohana yesterday and placed the body on the road demanding action against the 'erring cops'.
Heavy police had been deployed in the area to control the situation. "According to the preliminary investigations in the case, the boy was found dead at his home today. There was a mark around his neck. A post-mortem examination is underway and once its report comes, we can arrive at the conclusion how he died," Garg said over phone.

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