They have been summoned on January 6, 2016 at Mohali head office for a brainstorming session. Reasons for the high rate of failures would be probed and ways suggested with a view to upgrade the education standards at government school, he said at a press conference here.
Out of these 186 teachers, students of 32 teachers have shown a 100 per cent failure in the board examinations in the past five years, he said.
Likewise the average failure rate for four teachers ranges between 95 to 99 per cent, he said. An average 90 to 94 per cent failure rate has been recorded for 15 teachers whereas 80 to 89 per cent students failed to pass the subjects taught by 135 of these teachers.
Cheema said the department prepared comprehensive data for the board exam results for the past five years that revealed the average result of each teacher.
He said a total 3017 teachers have delivered less than 50 per cent result. He said that teachers with 100 per cent failure rates would be summoned in phased manner later on and a personal meeting would be held to improve their performance.


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