Amid Opposition's criticism against her government for 'not taking sufficient precautionary measures' to tackle rain and floods, Jayalalithaa said, "Although preventive measures were taken, the damages due to very heavy rains were inevitable."

"When such damages occur, it is the hallmark of a good government to ensure that quick relief and rehabilitation measures are undertaken and in that sense relief work is on in affected districts on a war footing," she added in a statement.

Opposition parties including DMK and PMK had accused the government of not taking sufficient precautionary measures to tackle the fallout of heavy rains.

Disruption in power supply, flood, and breaches in some lakes and canals were among the issues following heavy rains. Jayalalithaa gave an exhaustive list of preventive measures and relief work undertaken to tackle the impact of the recent heavy rains besides solatium to the victims.

"A team of senior ministers and officials were sent to Cuddalore District following heavy rains on November 9 and 10 there." Out of the 683 village panchayats, power supply has been restored in 635 of them in Cuddalore District and drinking water is being supplied, she said.

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