Mumbai: Urmila Matondkar who is known for dance numbers like Chamma Chamma, Kambakht Ishq and Ruki Ruki Si Zindagi is excited about viewing the upcoming talent in the country. She shares her love for dance with Mid-day:

Dance, dance

Dance is my life. The moment I hear the word dance, my eyes light up and I am in great spirits. For me, dance is an expression of my innermost self. It is something that comes to me quite naturally. I don’t have to work or think about dance to prepare myself for it. Expression is the X-factor in a dance number. Without expression, dance won’t be anything more than a PT exercise. Irrespective of the song, expression adds flavour to dance (smiles).

In the rang

All the songs in Rangeela were beautiful and that’s why they are loved till date. Now, when I sit and think about it, Rangeela had all the navarasas (the nine emotions described in The Natya Shastra, the dancing treatise of Bharata) of abhinaya (expressions used to lead to the sentiment or rasas) beautifully woven in all the songs. Emotions like joy, love, romance, compassion, fury, etc were all captured in that film. One of the wonders of cinema is that it brings out or allows you to experience all these feelings in just three hours. That’s just amazing!

Screen charms

I can dance on any song. Of late, it’s the Seeti song from Dabangg 2 that’s playing on my mind. I just can’t get my eyes off that song whenever it’s shown on TV. Salman’s (Khan) effortless dancing is fun to watch. But Hrithik Roshan is the king of dance in Bollywood. The way he moves his body is simply amazing. It’s a treat for the eyes. His moves are flawless and he shifts from one step to another with such ease. Hrithik’s dance is perfection personified.

Lessons from life

Be it dance or life, you need a lethal combination of skills, mindset and talent to excel. Perfection is a constant process, which doesn’t stagnate. Talent should always be taken to another level and given new chances. And I have stuck by this funda till date.


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