London: Pop diva, Jennifer Lopez is known to have one of the best figures in Hollywood and the reason behind her slim physique is her passion for dancing.
The 41-year-old singer-actress who is presently a judge on US TV show 'American Idol', enjoys exercising and her recent weight loss is due to high energy dance workouts with
her trainer, according to media reports.

"Jennifer has amped up her workout routine by running three miles a day for five days a week. But her true love is a dance workout. One of her choreographer friends meets
her at a studio three times a week, where they put on loud Latin and pop music and dance and sweat for a full one hour," said a source close to singer.
The star has stepped up her workouts since she appeared on the show and her hard work has paid off.
"She lost nearly 10lbs before 'Idol' began filming and she's kept it off" added the source.