New Delhi: The combination of money, sex and power has prominently emerged as a new vogue in Indian politics during past two decades. The fatal stories of the ladies who lost their lives after having affairs with influential politicians suggest that they eventually fell prey to their own high ambitions.

Actually, the ambitious journey of such women and their relations with the politicians eventually created rappels in the personal lives of the men in white culminating into deaths or murder of the women. Same has been the fate of the ladies like Geetika Sharma, Anuradha Bali, Bhanwari Devi and many others who were  bent on to achieve success in their lives at any cost.

Let us have a glance of such tragic stories:

Geetika Sharma:

The report of airhostess Geetika Sharma’s suicide in Delhi’s Ashok Vihar area appeared on August 5. Initially it seemed to be a normal suicide case of a young lady but when contents of the suicide note of the deceased airhostess appeared in media, the incident snowballed into a high profile case.  In her suicide note, Geetika had held then Haryana Minister Gopal Goyal Kanda responsible for the situation in which she had decided to kill herself. Geetika accused Kanda of exploiting her mentally and sexually. Initial investigation disclosed that Kanda used to promote beautiful girls and Geetika was believed to be one of them. When she asked about her rights from then Haryana’s Minister of State for Home, Gopal Kanda, she was mentally and physically harassed to the extent in which she finally decided to kill herself.

Anuradha Bali alias Fiza Mohammad:

Anuradha Bali, Additional Advocate General of Haryan, was an exceptionally beautiful lady. She developed her relations with then Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana, Chandra Mohan, the son of former Chief Minister Bhajanlal, during government functions. Finally, they decided to marry after converting to Islam as Chandra Mohan was already a married person and his second marriage was possible only after converting to Islam to get married in 2008 end. Chandra Mohan changed his name and became Chand Mohammad and Anuradha became Fiza Mohammad. But  the honeymoon period of their relationship soon turned sour and they got separated. Latter Fiza formed a political party named- Fiza-e-Hind. Fiza had earned a lot of name and money but her life culminated to a tragic end.  Her rotten dead body was recovered from her Mohali residence on August 6 in mysterious circumstances.

Bhanwari Devi:

Bhanwari Devi created a storm in Rajasthan politics after being reported missing in early September 2011. She is believed to be killed and a high level inquiry is going on in this case. She was a folk singer and a trained midwife and nurse. To get her transfer at a desired place, she met Congress MLA Malkhan. Influenced by her glamorous beauty, Malkhan made an intimate relationship with her. Later he took her to then Rajasthan minister Mahipal Maderna. Both of them used her for their pleasure. When Bhanwari tried to cash her relationship with them and prepared a video footage showing Maderna in compromising position with her, she went missing. Actually this video is believed to be the reason behind her murder. Now Maderna and Malkhan are under trial.

Madhumita Shukla:

Madhumita Shukla was a promising poetess in Uttar Pradesh. She had met the former minister Amarmani Tripathi in a programme. Following which they would meet frequently. Suddenly, Madhumita was shot dead on May 9, 2003 at Paper Mill colony in Lucknow. Her post-mortem report had revealed that Madhumita was pregnant.  Madhumita’s kin blamed Amarmani for her death. They had said that the controversial leader had been allegedly making physical relations with the poetess and after getting aware of her pregnancy, Amarmani along with his wife got killed Madhumita.
They had claimed that Madhumita had known about the minister’s illegal deeds. The poetess was pressuring him to marry her after she became pregnant. However, the court convicted Amarmani and sentenced him life-term.

Jesicca Lal Murder case:

This is not a case of sex scandal. She was shot dead in a party at Qutub Colonnade in Mehrauli in South Delhi on April 30, 1999. She was serving wine to the guests as the bar tender in that party. Congress leader DP Yadav’s son Vikas Yadav and Vinod Sharma’s son Manu Sharma were present in the party. Manu Sharma demanded the wine from Jesicca who refused to serve him saying that the wine got short run. The statement enraged Sharma who fired two rounds of bullets at Jesicca. The trial was started against Sharma who was convicted by the court. Sharma is serving life term in Tihar.


Shashi murder case:

Shashi was a law student in Faizabad. Shashi was aspiring to be an MLA. She came in contact with the former BSP minister Anand Sen. Later she was killed. Her sister Anita said that Shashi was pregnant by Anand Sen. Shashi had pressurized him to marry her. A case was registered against Anand Sen who was arrested later. He got bail in this case. The police failed to recover the body of Shashi.


Naina Sahni murder case:

The brutal killing of Sahni in July 1995 had rocked the political corridor in the national capital. After chopping the body of his wife, former Congress leader Sushil Sharma put them in the tandoor in a famous restaurant. The convict Sharma is serving jail term in this case.


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