Author Daniel Bergner of ‘What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire’, talks about everything from the nature of attraction and pursuit to the prevalence of taboo fantasies to monogamy itself, a daily reported.

It is thought that men are more promiscuous by nature because they’re biologically programmed to spread their seed, while the risks of pregnancy and child-rearing cause women to be more selective, but the book talks about some of the most unexpected finding by the field’s leading researchers.

In 10 separate studies, sexologist Marta Meana found that between 30 and 60 percent of women reported frequently have “rape fantasies,” and many of the women who described their own daydreams were also disturbed, according to the book.

It’s believed that women need to feel emotionally connected in order to feel attracted and to want sex, but the book reveals a recent study by sexologist Meredith Chivers that showed that when it comes to desire, women are as visually stimulated and more easily turned on than men.

The book also cited a study of sexual aggression in female rats and monkeys by Martha McClintock, which reported not just rat flirtation- female rats engage in a sort of coy physical approach to males, moving closer and pulling away over and over – but also that when faced with an indifferent male, they do not give up.

Conventional wisdom has long held that women value monogamy more than men, but recent studies have indicated that women have as complicated a relationship with monogamy as men do, the book revealed.

Courtesy: Mid-day