London: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is least bothered about his school boy wizard image.

The British actor has played the bespectacled hero for last 10 years and has come to take it as a part of his life but he is keen to do different roles, Contactmusic reported.

"There will be some people who will always see me as this character, I know that and understand that. That's fine. As long as they are not casting directors and film makers, hopefully it won't hold me back. That's my attitude," Radcliffe said.

"One thing I took for granted over the 10 years was that I was playing an action hero. You don't get to do that in any other line of performance. I got to slide 40ft down a roof, I got burst out of a ring of fire. I got to do some really cool stuff. I probably won't get to do that so much anymore," said Radclife.