As most of their scenes are shot together, the trio spend a lot of their time interacting with each other off screen. Ronit and Darshan are often seen goofing around on the set, which leaves Pallavi puzzled, said a source.

"Ronit comes across as a very serious and reserved person, but in reality, he is a fun loving and an amazing guy to work with. He makes everyone around comfortable and ensure everyone has a good time on set," Darshan said in a statement.

The actor's funny side was seen recently on the sets when they were shooting for an intense emotional scene. Neil (Ronit) and Aman were fighting over Ragini (Pallavi), but they couldn't make it intense as every time the director said 'action', both the actors started laughing loudly.

"When we were shooting the argument scene, every time we had to make an angry face at each other, we would burst out laughing. Pallavi would be completely surprised and confused as to what was happening making us laugh ever more," Darshan added.

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