Cameron tweeted a picture of himself meeting soldiers helping with the aftermath of the flooding as he faced increasing pressure to take more action to prevent more such chaos in future.

Around 500 properties were flooded in York, one of Britain's top tourist attractions, yesterday as two rivers burst their banks. Some residential streets became so inundated that cars were covered up to their roofs.

Soldiers helped pile sandbags up to protect properties and businesses while emergency services paddled around the streets in dinghies trying to find stranded residents, who were then evacuated.

Flooding has also hit the cities of Leeds and Manchester in recent days, as well as a string of towns and villages nearby.

The Environment Agency had 27 severe flood warnings in place, signaling a 'danger to life', chiefly at points along major rivers in Yorkshire.

Cameron sent in 200 more troops to help 300 already on the ground in northern England with tackling the effects of flooding Sunday. Another 1,000 are on standby in case the situation gets worse.

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