Mumbai: Although a good number of our films have been shot at various airports in the country, very rarely has a runway featured in an extensive sequence.

Blame it on the prevailing bureaucracy and red tapism, but David Dhawan and his team of Rascals are glad they shot a major part of the movie's climax at Bangkok airport.

More so because they weren't thrown out for extending the shoot beyond permissible time limits.

The climax features the lead actors Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn, both dressed as Santa Claus, riding a bike on a runway. "We only had permission till a specific time to shoot at Bangkok airport's runway.

However, a couple of scenes required a good number of retakes. As a result, the shooting time extended," recalls our source associated with the movie.

The crew then requested the Bangkok airport authorities to extend their deadline by half an hour.

"The airport authorities understood our predicament and were very cooperative in giving us extra time to wrap up the shoot," revealed our source, adding, "Meanwhile, the incoming flights were asked to circle around for sometime.
Thankfully, we finished filming the required scenes without having to seek permissions for shooting for another day."

Sanjay Ahluwalia, of Rupali Aum Entertainment, who's co-producing the movie with Sanjay Dutt, confirmed saying, "Yes.

We're very grateful to the Bangkok airport authorities for  extending the time limit for us to complete the shoot there. It wouldn't have been easy to shoot like that in India."

(Courtesy Mid-day)