Chicago: Mumbai terrorist attacks co-accused David Headley has said he gave more than USD 100, 000 to co- conspirator Tahawwur Rana, hinting that he kept all his illegal money with his long time friend and perhaps he was an investor in his business.

Revealing this to a Chicago court, Headley said this money was given to Rana spread over several years and he got this money from his father's cash, profit from the illegal trade in heroin.

Headley was testifying in a court here on the fourth-day of the trial of Pakistani-Canadian Rana, another co-accused in the case. The statements formed part of the testimony of Headley, who has pleaded guilty.

The Pakistani American told the court that he had access to Rana's account, which even Rana's wife did not have.

He said that Pasha, the Pakistani terrorist, was a former military guy and that their fathers knew each other.    
While Pasha's father was a Major in the Pak Army, his father was a senior diplomat.

In fact, Headley told the court that the then Prime Minister of Pakistan came to the funeral of his father, reflecting the important position of his family in the Pakistani society.

He said that Rana threw cold water on his plans to hold a fund raiser for Shiv Sena, as the latter being a devout Muslim was against such a move for a Hindu outfit.