Islamabad/Lahore: The US on Wednesday dismissed as "false" reports that its national Raymond Davis, arrested for gunning down two Pakistani men in Lahore, had gone on hunger strike in prison to demand an early decision on the issue of his diplomatic immunity and removal of CCTV from his barrack.

"It's a false story," US embassy spokesperson Courtney Beale said, reacting to reports in sections of the Pakistani media that either Davis had begun a hunger strike in Kot Lakhpat Jail of Lahore or threatened to do so if his "demands" were not met immediately.

In Lahore, US consulate spokesman Tristram Perry said: "It's a rumour. A lot of rumours are being spread about him (Davis)."

The media reports, quoting unnamed sources and officials, claimed Davis' demands included the removal of surveillance cameras from his barrack in the jail and an early decision on the issue of his diplomatic immunity so that he could return to the US.

Pakistan's leadership has rejected repeated US demands for Davis to be freed on grounds of diplomatic immunity, saying the matter will be decided in the courts.

Police have rejected Davis' claim of acting in self-defence and accused him of murdering two men in Lahore on January 27.

The matter has been complicated by reports in the US media that Davis was working as a private security contractor for the CIA at the time of his arrest.