Haridwar: The dawn chorus of bird has not only charmed the humans but has also excited researchers. The studies on the birds’ behaviour reveal that the enchanting melodies of the birds at the dawn are a warning sign. According to ornithologists, the calls of birds are an alarm to safeguard their food and warn other animals approaching them.

Recent researches are breaking the old myths on behaviour of the birds. According to a new research, the calls of birds are not just to attract mate but also to warn the danger.

A team of Gurukul Kangri University zoologists, Prof Dinesh Bhatt and Dr Vinay Sethi has been conducting research since long on various birds and their behaviour and have found that the calls made by the male birds during the dawn have nothing to do with attracting their mates. “The dawn chorus is an alarm call from the birds to prevent the entry of other animals, which may be approaching their food,” said Prof Bhatt.

The research has been published in January edition of a Chinese journal- “Current Zoology”. The research named ‘Pride Bushchat’ is being carried out on Brown Rock Chat, Pai Robin and Brahmani Maina.

In their study, the zoologists recorded the ‘bushchat’ of birds at dawn under normal circumstances. “In the second phase of the research, the female birds were removed from the protected area and the male birds’ chorus was recorded. Later, the sounds of the birds were recorded after mating,” informed Dr Vinay.

According to Dr Sethi, the results of the three conditions when compared were found to be almost similar. “Had there been any connection with birds’ chorus to attract the mate, the results would have been different. It was thus concluded that it dawn chorus was to warn the predators,” he concluded.