New Delhi: With the three-day symbolic fast launched by yoga guru Baba Ramdev against blackmoney and corruption set to end on Saturday, the government seems in no mood to budge.

Ramdev's agitation in pics

The yoga guru on first day of his three-day symbolic fast had served a last warning to the government by giving August 11(Saturday) deadline to consider his  demands and take appropriate action over them or else he will launch another massive agitation against the government from August 15.

"We will wait till evening (to hear from the government on our demands). Our three day deadline ends then. After that period is over, a roar will arise from this very Ramlila Maidan. We have not been taking names. But after then, we will take names who were in fault in this looting of country's wealth," he said addressing the crowd, whose count has been on the decline since Friday.

He also said India's standing in the world will increase if an honest person hoists the flag on Independence Day.

"If a person with clean hands hoists the tricolor, it will raise the country' prestige. But, if it is hoisted by some dishonest person, then it will be disgraceful. How can it be, that you have a tricolour in your hands and you do not have the tricolour in your heart," he said.

"Government has to declare its agenda on blackmoney, tackling corruption and system change. Our motive is not to tarnish, overthrow or insult anybody," he said.

Expressing concern over the blackmoney menace in the country, the yoga guru in his address on Friday has said that India can win gold in corruption.

"India could have won gold if there was a competition for corruption in the Olympics”, Ramdev said.

He also sought political will from the Prime Minister to bring back blackmoney stashed abroad.

"The government has the list of people who have stashed away blackmoney in foreign shores. We don't want the names of those people, but at least disclose the amount at least. What is the harm in it? Why is the government reluctant?" he asked.

Ramdev to knock at President's doors

After a meeting with his close aides to decide on the future course of action, he said he will submit support letters collected from gram sabhas and MPs to the President and urge him to put pressure on government to act.

"We have gone to more than 1.25 lakh gram sabhas and got their support letters. We have also received support letters from 225 MPs.

We will take these support letters to President, who is well versed with matters of economics. We will urge him to put pressure on government, so that it will act," he said.

Ramdev also claimed that he has the support of many Congress MPs but they are "scared" of giving it in writing fearing suspension from the party.

"Some have given the support letters, I would urge them not to just give in writing but also to air views in public. Then there would be more pressure on government and they would be forced.

"Even if the government does not do anything, then the government will have to give answers to people. If the whole of India wants it, then why does not the government act? These are not imaginative or impossible demands. These are in public interest and then what is the problem?" Ramdev said.

Portion of tent collapses due to rain

A portion of the tent where women were sitting at yoga guru Ramdev's protest venue at Ramlila Maidan fell due to heavy rains.The incident took place at around 1:30 pm.

As soon as the rains began, the tent on the right side of the pandal collapsed putting the women protesters in inconvenience.

Many ran to other portions of the pandal. No one was injured.

There were breaches throughout the tent, making the ground muddy as water was collected in places where people were sitting.


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