Four senior most officials from DCD requested Kejriwal to put them back under the Home Department, wherein they can function as a civil defence force.
They were invited by Kejriwal to present the road map of providing security to women in each bus and public places.
According to senior DCD officials, Kejriwal has assured to call a meeting in next week with the concerned minister of his cabinet and look into the possibility of cancelling the notification.
Out of many electoral assurances, AAP government has promised to deploy one security force in each bus to check the cases of eve-teasing or sexual harassment.
"Yes, we discussed all the issues and possibilities to deploy our 17,000 workforce in buses and public places. We also brought this into Chief minister's notice that if anotification issued by earlier government is cancelled, then our department would be able to work more efficiently," said Subhash Gupta, chief warden of South West District.
Currently, this force is engaged in providing its services in training of self defence in schools, election duties and traffic management .
Along with Subhas Gupta, additional chief wardens Vinod Bhardwaj (male wing of DCD) and Neelam Kataria (women wing) and deputy chief warden Ajeet Singh Gaur were also present at the meeting.
"We presented the documents and notification dated on March 5, 2009 that came into existence in January 2011 and subsequently DCD was detached from Home Guard wing and attached with revenue department.
"If our force joins hands with home guard division, then our working would be smooth," added Gupta.

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