New Delhi: While Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is adamant on passing the farmhouse policy, the move is being opposed by all and sundry.

Sources say, 6 lakh people would be benefited if the farmhouse policy is not passed as 1,20,000 flats can be constructed on the place where DDA is trying to develop or regularise farmhouses.

According to the sources, 5000 acre land would be used just for 3000 farmhouse owners.

The farmhouse policy also violated the norms laid under the Delhi Master Plan- 2021. As per the master plan, farmhouses can be built only in outer green areas.
The policy violates the Supreme Court order which stated that DDA can acquire lands but that should be only for the urban development.

Rajesh Gehlot, a non-official member of DDA, said, “When DDA had to come in favour of rich people only why it wasted time and efforts in drawing Master Plan- 2021.”

“Farm houses cannot be constructed in residential areas, if it happens, the crisis of land scarcity in Delhi will be deepened,” Gehlot added.