New Delhi: Keeping in mind the problems faced by senior citizens, physically challenged and patients residing in upper floors of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) buildings, the Authority has come up with a pragmatic solution. For such people, the DDA has brought about the required changes in it’s policy to permit the process of lift installation in buildings.

With a revision of policy by the DDA, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the ground floor owner is no more needed. According to the previous policy, the upper floor residents were required to acquire a NOC from all the floor owners to permit them to install a lift in the building.  But a disagreement by the ground floor owner was usually posing a problem for others to implement the concept.

Neemodhar, Public Relations Commissioner, DDA said, “Those thinking of a lift in their buildings will just need to attain NOCs from the upper floor occupants. They are required to provide a recommendation of the lift manufacturing agency on technical convenience, location of the lift and safety criteria while a structural safety certificate from a registered architect is also needed.” The expense for the lift installation would be equally shared by the people owning flats in upper floors.

Though the new DDA buildings have lift, but the old four-storey buildings did not have the facility. Since the upper floor occupants find it difficult to climb the staircase, many are in favour of installing a lift.