The housing authority has issued an order, with immediate effect, according to which the conversion in absence of such plans can be done by following certain procedures.

According to the order, sanctioned building plan or form D is essential for getting property converted into freehold but in case the same is not available the applicant will have to give an affidavit to this extent that the sanctioned building plan is not available with him or her, the DDA said in a statement.

A copy of the building plan from a registered architect in conformity with the building bye-laws must also be submitted. The building plan shall consist of all the necessary information which is required for sanction of building plan including FAR (floor area ratio), number of permissible floors, number of actual floors, actual plinth area constructed at the site, among other details.

Photographs of the building should also be attached, the urban body said, adding, a copy of the house tax assessment order or grant of permanent connection from the electricity authority concerned shall be submitted as collateral evidence of construction of building.

In future, if it is discovered that false certificate or information or undertaking has been furnished by the registered architect or applicant then the DDA will be at liberty not only to cancel the conveyance deed without any notice but also initiate proceedings for cancellation of registration of architect concerned, it said.

DDA added that the property should be converted into a freehold only when a self-contained dwelling unit in respect of a residential property or a functional unit in case of industrial or commercial or mixed land-use, as the case may be, and the construction is not less than 1/3 of the permissible ground coverage.

This condition has to be adhered to in respect of whether conversion is sought on the basis of sanctioned building plan or on the basis of the said procedure.

The DDA last month had decided to allow the conversion of property from leasehold to freehold on the basis of registered agreement to sell and general power of attorney. The conversion had been suspended in the wake of a Supreme Court judgement in a case in 2011.

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