The new features were added a few weeks after the launch of 'DDA Housing Scheme 2014'. The urban body's website has so far received over 3 million hits since the launch of the flagship programme on September 1.

"We have made our official site disabled-friendly, i.E., people who are visually impaired can install a software that reads out aloud the text and for people who have partial impairment like colour-blindness can choose from an array of colour spectrum that is displayed on our website," V S Tomar, Director of Systems at DDA, told PTI.

"We think, it would come in handy for such persons," he added.

The DDA website following its launch had crashed on the opening day, receiving a total hit of 11 lakh on day one and an average hit of over 18 lakh in the first two days.

"If you look at the top right-hand of our website, there are five dual-coloured bands. While the first colour represents the background, the second stands for the foreground. This is to make the site friendly for those who have colour blindness," Tomar said.

The DDA has already ramped up its server to handle 100 mbps requirements to meet the "exponentially increased" online traffic.

The last date to apply for the scheme is October 9 and as DDA is expecting a huge rush at the end time as well as at the time of the draw, it is planning to further ramp up its technical capacity.

In last week of September, the urban body had also posted a video guide for online users.

"Our website had crashed during the draw timing for our last scheme too. And, so we want to be alert this time and be prepared to handle the traffic accordingly," Tomar said.

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