New Delhi: The farm house policy of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for regularisation of unauthorized farmhouses in the capital which was stranded since long is back in the spotlight. The discussion on the policy will be carried out in the DDA meeting to be held on September 16.

While the DDA is planning to seal the policy, it is facing Opposition by the board members who are adamant on not getting it cleared if it intends to benefit the farmhouse owners.

DDA's proposed policy would regulate all the farmhouses built before 7 February 2007. The policy categorises farmhouses into two. First category includes approved farmhouses constructed on more than stipulated area and the second category is of unapproved farmhouses.

The proposed policy will regularise both categories of farmhouses with penalty.

The policy was first introduced in January but was returned for amendment as it benefited the illegal farm owners.

The sources revealed that in the previous proposal, the floor area ratio (FAR) was set at 20 percent which has now been increased to 30 percent and the ground coverage has also been replaced from 10 percent to 15 percent.

However, DDA board member and Councillor Rajesh Gahlot said, “When the new farmhouse owners are allowed to have only 20 percent FAR and 12.5 percent ground coverage, then why additional benefits are being provided to the illegal farmhouse owners.” He added that he would oppose the move as it intends to encourage the defaulters.

On the other hand, DDA board member and MLA Dr Harsh Vardhan accused the DDA of favouring illegal farmhouse owners for which it is deliberately introducing both the policies together again.