New Delhi: Even though Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has more than 1,800 engineers in the department, it would take the help of private firms in the construction of houses. This policy will be tabled in the meeting of DDA scheduled to be held this week.  

The Master Plan for Delhi recommends the support of private companies in solving the housing problems in the national capital. Under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, DDA would provide land and the private companies would construct buildings. Previously, DDA has resorted to PPP model for the construction of CWG village.

Notwithstanding the fact that CWG village had tarnished DDA’s image, the department is still willing to go ahead with the PPP model.

According to official sources of the DDA, “For a residential colony developed on a 100 acre land, 45 percent share would go to the private sector, whereas remaining 55 percent share would belong to the department.” Out of the 45 percent given to the private firms, three percent will be reserved for public utility and two percent for the commercial activities.

Similarly, for a residential colony on an area between 10 to 20 hectares, 75 percent share would belong to DDA, and private firms would get the remaining 25 percent share. 

On similar lines, 85 percent share of the colonies developed on 3 to 10 hectares would belong to DDA, whereas private sector would be allotted 15 percent share.

It is worth mentioning that Union Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath has already stressed on taking the help of private sectors for the construction of buildings.

Though the policy was presented in the DDA high-level meeting around four months back, but as the members failed to arrive on a consensus, the issue was left in abeyance.

(JPN/ Bureau)