New Delhi: The silence of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on the land acquisition policy may spark off troubles in the board meeting to be held on Friday. Six months have elapsed, but the DDA has not yet made the land acquisition policy.

The board members vividly stated that the interests of farmers were neglected while there was a strong favouritism for builders during the land acquisition. They have alleged that farmers are scared of the land acquisition policy, which was introduced in the meeting held in February, and started selling their lands at throwaway prices.

The board members are of the firm opinion that the land acquisition policy should be amended immediately for safeguarding the interests of farmers. 

The DDA has prepared a new policy based on Public Private Partnership (PPP). But after the policy was protested by one section of the DDA, it was sent back for an amendment in the board meeting held in January. The matter reached to the Urban Development Minister who also reviewed the policy, but the policy has not yet been finalised.

Corporation Councilor Rajesh Gehlot said, “DDA is working for the interests of builders. We have consulted other board members and will raise the issue in the meeting.”