New Delhi: In a bid to help the financially weaker sections of the society and to fulfill their dreams of having a house, the Delhi Development Authority said it would construct one lakh flats in the next three years.

While speaking to the media DDA Vice president, GS Patnaik said that the authority is also planning to build 53 community centers in Delhi.

The 90-day time span of transforming land or flat lease hold into free hold would now be reduced to 45 days, he said.

Elaborating more on the DDA plans, he said that the construction of 20, 000 flats which are to be built on the basis of prefab technology has already begun. Besides, work has started on the plans of formulating the construction of another  60, 000 flats.

Maintaining a tight-lip on the DDA’s approach on the Farmhouse Policy, Patnaik informed that work on the construction of houses by removing slums has already begun.

(JPN/ Bureau)