New Delhi: The parks in Delhi would soon get a facelift. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has decided to handover the parks, which are on the verge of becoming barren lands, to Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) for their beautification.

According to reports, the Parks Department of the DDA by writing a letter to the MCD’s Nodal officer has begun the process of handing over the parks. The MCD has sought a fund of Rs 41 crore for the beautification of the parks.

The Director, Parks department of the MCD, SS Kandpal, said there would be no problem in accomplishing the beautification work of the parks, provided the DDA repays the amount needed for the beautification.  

Two decades ago, the DDA had allotted flats in East Delhi including in Rohini, Dilshad Garden, Shahdara and other areas in a planned manner, and developed several parks in order to provide a green zone around the area.

In the beginning, the parks were taken care of properly, but later when the DDA assigned the supervision work to the MCD problems started erupting, and with the passage of time the condition of parks became worse.

The Resident Welfare Associations have been demanding for the facelift of these parks for the past many years, and have urged the DDA to hand them over to the MCD. 

According to Kandpal, “The process of handing over the parks has already started a year ago. The DDA has expressed its wish to hand over the parks coming under West and East Delhi areas to the MCD.”

“There are around 1404 parks in a range of 121 acres which would be given a new lease of life,” he said, adding the DDA is handing over parks built in the area of around 665 acres and the estimated beautification cost of these parks will be around Rs 41 crore.

(JPN/ Bureau)