"I have written to him because he is the National Security Advisor. Apart from that, he is a very distinguished police officer...he is in the position to identify who are competent people in various organisations and to send names of independent police officers who can investigate meticulously," he said.  
"The reason to seek his help is also his ability to judge if there is any issue relating to the security which I am very particular about in the matter as anything may come up during the investigation," he added.   
The noted lawyer said that his request to Doval is part of the enquiry procedure which calls for appropriate 'logistical infrastructure' before beginning the probe. "I dont want my hindsight to feel that he (Doval) was not sufficiently addressed in the beginning as he is a person who understands the ramifications correctly and that is why I wrote to him,” he told to reporters.   

"I cannot judge by my personal imagination who can be a competent person to investigate," he added. Subramaniam further said that he is neither in the department of personnel nor in the government to know about that.     
"I do not want to pick someone I know but only someone who is competent enough. This is part of any enquiry procedure that you need to have logistical infrastructure in place to beginning the probe," he added.

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