The Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government had ordered a probe into the workings of DDCA after the Kirti Azad-led dissident faction alleged massive financial irregularities through an expose. Former cricketer Chauhan insists that DDCA has always been transparent in its working.

"We first have to see whether they get the approval or not from the central government. Look we are registered with the Registrar of Societies, but still if they get the approval then its fine. As it is we are facing the inquiry from the CBI, from the ROC, so we will provide whatever information they want," Chauhan said.

"It is not a matter of cooperation, when I say I will face the inquiry then I will face the inquiry and whatever papers they demand we will give that," he added.

The DDCA has been facing allegations of fraud and money embezzlement for quite some time now and Chauhan said that they are afraid of nothing. "We have got everything in place. We have given everything to CBI, whatever information they needed we gave it to them. Similarly we have given the information to ROC also," he said.

Former DDCA President Arun Jaitley was also dragged into the mess by many former cricketers including Bishan Singh Bedi after which the battle turned political, but Chauhan backe the finance minister.

"The complaint regarding corruption has come only in January 2014 after Mr.Jaitley had left. Appropriate action was taken against whom the allegations were made (Referring to current President Sneh Prakash Bansal). Before that we had the Serious Fraud Investigation Office inquiry and there was no mention of misappropriation and embezzlement of funds," he said.

However, earlier DDCA Treasurer Ravinder Manchandana had asserted that they are not answerable to the state government. "We reject the setting up of this inquiry board. They don't have the powers then how can they form the commission. The home ministry has already clarified that Delhi government has no business to set up an inquiry committee. And moreover DDCA's subject matters doesn't come under the state government," said Manchanda.

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