Gorakhpur (UP): With two more persons succumbing to Encephalitis, the death toll in the viral disease spread in eastern Uttar Pradesh has crossed the 100 mark this year.

This year 101 patients succumbed to the deadly brain fever out of which 75 were from Gorakhpur Mandal, doctors at the BRD Medical College said here on Tuesday.

Since January 1, a total of 626 Encephalitis patients were admitted to the BRD Medical College and other government hospitals in the region. Out of this, 101 succumbed to the disease, they said.

At present, there are 74 patients undergoing treatment in Nehru Hospital of BRD Medical College.

Gorakhpur and Kushinagar are the worst affected districts. There were 141 patients from Gorakhpur out of which 24 died. 25 deaths were reported from Kushinagar out of 127 reported cases.

The fever is caused by a virus found in pigs and is transferred to humans by mosquito bite.