Moscow: The death toll in the sinking of tourist boat "Bulgaria" that went down in the Volga river two weeks ago, has gone up to 119 after five more bodies were recovered from the vessel.

"The bodies of three more people were found. The death toll has risen to 119 people," the ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

"Five people are still missing. We expect to find them on the lower deck," ministry official Igor Panshin was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

 He said the bodies of three women had been recovered from the boat deck, in the shower room and on the upper deck.

There were 201 people aboard the riverboat the Bulgaria when it sank in Volga river on July 10. Seventy-nine people were rescued by a passing ship.

After weeklong salvage operation, the boat was partially lifted and towed to shallow water on Saturday night.
The divers are preparing for pumping out the water from the lower deck, after it would be taken to a dry dock for inspection by investigators to pinpoint the cause of the accident.