"If they have objection to any point, there should be a debate on it. And I can confidently say that whatever is in the interest of the farmers, the government cannot ignore it and would be willing to incorporate it in the law," he said.
Referring to the opposition parties, Mishra said that it was not the right attitude to only oppose.
"What we say is that we are giving four times the market rates. The farmers will benefit from it. We want to develop more industrial units and pay better for farmers' produce," he said while speaking to reporters outside Parliament House.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said the Land Acquisition Bill had been passed barely a year-and-a-half ago and was accepted by all parties including the BJP.
"Now for them to introduce an amendment that fundamentally alters the tenor of the Bill, that introduces sweeping objections and a large number of categories, which themselves are so loosely defined, almost make anything an exception. Frankly it will be seen by the entire country as an anti-farmer act," he added.
He said that government should not be in doubt about the strong feelings of the people regarding the Bill.

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