This is not a good sign that the Central government is compelled to retract its own positive decision on economic reforms. On Foreign Direct Investment in retail, the Centre’s statement shows indolence if decision in this matter will be taken after consultation of the opposition parties. The government itself is responsible for its failure by laying down before the Opposition. Why did not it feel necessary to consult the Opposition prior to taking this decision? Had the Central government taken its own allies in confidence except not the Opposition, it could have perhaps saved itself from this embarrassment. If the Trinamool Congress and DMK have taken adverse sand against this decision, the UPA government itself is responsible for it? Now, the Centre is of the view that any announcement in this context would be made in the House only in this winter session. It sounds strange and humorous because the decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail was taken during the Parliament session, but the announcement was made outside the House. However, this action of the government provided an ample opportunity to the Opposition for its reaction. It would be better if the government accepts its folly and ensures that the decision on FDI in retail does not get withheld for a longer period. Though the reluctance to decide over FDI has already sent a wrong message to the corporate world. By scampering the arrival of foreign companies in retail trade does not mean that other decisions on economic reforms should also be put on hold.

If opposition parties are claiming victory on stalling the decision of FDI in retail, it would be quite unpraiseworthy because it hampers a significant decision. It is true that the decision on FDI in retail was taken without evolving any consensus, but it does not mean that the Opposition should become adamant to stall it. Unfortunately, they did the same and while doing so they only served their petty political interests. Although the Opposition including the BJP are now claiming that they launched their protests to secure the interests of small traders, but simultaneously they also have negated the interests of traders, farmers and common consumers. The Left parties are understood to be principally opposed to the foreign companies, but the support of the BJP has added more to aggravate the situation as all these amount to hindrance to economic reforms. Besides, there is no debate in the Parliament on this issue due to colossal arguments. If such politics is played on economic issues, the Central government is bound to face more difficulties.