New Delhi: A decision on Telangana will be taken only after Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad submits his report on his deliberations with Congress MLAs and MPs of Andha Pradesh, Home Minister P Chidambaram said on Friday.
Talking to reporters here, he said Azad, the Congress general secretary in-charge of Andhra Pradesh, has conveyed to him that he would submit a report on Telangana after consultation with the party MLAs and MPs either on Friday or Saturday.
"He has told them (MLAs and MPs) that allow a little time for the party to take a decision and the government to take a decision."
Chidambaram was replying to a question on when the Centre will convene an all-party meeting to deliberate on the issue of Telangana.
He said four political parties of Andhra Pradesh have not taken their decision on the issue and in the top of the list is the Congress party.
"TDP and MIM are waiting to see what Congress party's decision will be. The other party the YSR Congress has not indicated its mind either.
"So I think one important stage of the consolation appears to be over on Friday and the report will be submitted on Friday or Saturday. And after that I hope that the parties will make up their mind quickly as I appealed in Parliament to enable me to call an all party meeting," he said.

Chidambaram said, as a Home Minister, he has been trying his best to hasten the process but since the issue was concerning the political parties, he has limitation.
"I am trying to hasten the process as much as I can but as you know these are matters concerning political parties and only so much one can do from the government," he said.
Asked about the ongoing strike in Andhra Pradesh, the home minister said continuation of such protests would only bring inconvenience to the people and hamper economic activity.
"No government will actually support a general strike. No government will actively support a bandh, a blockade, or a rail roko. My appeal is that while the protesters certainly made their point, continuation of any strike or rail roko or
rasta roko cripples economic activity and enormously inconveniences the people.
"So, whoever in the government can only appeal to the protesters that having made their point, not to continue these protests," he said.