New Delhi: Lalu Prasad should be declared the 'National Personality' of the country, like peacock, the National Bird. This demand was made in the Lok Sabha on Thursday by cinestar and BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha, amid all-round laughter and thumping of desks.
Sinha, who was speaking during Zero Hour on the need to include Bhojpuri language in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution, said the language was also spoken by the RJD supremo, along with several luminaries - ranging from Rajendra Prasad, Jaiprakash Narayan and Jagjivan Ram to Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam, the Father of the Nation of Mauritius.
"My friend Laluji is very popular, not only in India but abroad too. He has a huge fan-following in Pakistan also.”    

"Seeing his immense popularity, my humble request to you, Mr Prime Minister, is to declare Laluji as the National Personality of the country like the National Bird peacock," the Bollywood star said with folded hands, prompting all-round laughter and thumping of desks.
Prasad, who was watching Sinha smilingly, saluted him in an acknowledging manner. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi were seen having a hearty laugh.

Finally while ending his speech, Sinha again said the inclusion of Bhojpuri in the constitutional list and making Prasad a National Personality should be done simultaneously.
During his speech, Sinha also spoke for some time in Bhojpuri while referring to a TV quiz programme anchored by him in the language.