Tips to make your work station look better:

Everything has a place:
Keep supplies organized with trays, pencil holders and the like, so you can focus on being productive at work and not tackling the clutter.

Be practical:
Bulletin boards and proper lighting are important too. Plan your workspace around the essentials and leave enough room to move your mouse and put your coffee down.

A little personalization is always needed: Incorporate photos, monogrammed pieces or other things that speak to your style.

Seating is a priority:  Make sure your feet and arms are fully supported when sitting in a relaxed position and you are able to work without having to physically strain.

Plants are important too:
It is believed that keeping a live plant in your work environment can actually help increase productivity. But if you don't have one, go for fake flowers that are yellow. The colour boosts your mood and gives you more energy to accomplish tasks.

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