New Delhi: Nowadays having a small house in a big city is a very common thing. It is not less than a challenge to settle the furniture in a small house.The tedious task is not only to fit the furniture but also to give the place good look in the small house.

In such a situation, multipurpose portable furniture is extremely useful. Learn more about the uses of portable furniture and the way it serves people’s purposes with Sakhi.

In today’s time, it’s not easy to build palatial house. Due to space crunch, people are ready to live in small houses. The most difficult part of these small houses is to tackle with space. Lack of space makes it difficult for the people to fit the furniture. In such situation multipurpose portable furniture comes to your rescue.

The most remarkable feature of portable furniture is that they not only occupy very less space but also look equally stylish. Portable furniture is also perfectly suitable for storing things. For those people who continue to change interior in their houses, portable furniture can be a good option. You can even get portable furniture designed according to your needs. Portable furniture is pocket friendly as it costs less and saves the furniture expense.

There is a wide variety of multiuse portable furniture available in the market. They can add up to the interiors of your house.

Computer table - cum -  storage

Besides keeping your computer on this table, you can also store many things on this table. The lower part of this table is divided into a box in which you can store all the accessories of your computer. Some computer tables are so compact that along with the computer you can also store your CPU, printer, woofers and speakers on it. A sliding table is also fitted below the main slab. You can use it as study table. Many tables also have wardrobe cum shelves so that you can store your books in them.

Portable and Multipurpose Table

If your house has inadequate space to fit a large center table, portable coffee table would be a good option. This table also comes in the shape of a tray so it can also be used as a tray after folding it.

Multipurpose wall unit

If you have a lot of things to store, wooden wall unit is an option that you can consider. You can store not only decorative items in it, but also things like music system, television, d.v.d player, crockery and many more things.

Storage Poof

The heavier a storage poof looks, the lighter it is. If you remove the upper lid of storage poof, you will see hollow space inside where you can store clothes and many more things.

Multiuse crockery

Nowadays, along with portable furniture, the crockery is being used as multiuse furniture. In the category of portable crockery, water jugs are center of attraction. The benefit of portable water jug is that if you are not using it, you can keep it in your drawing room as a show piece. This water jug is perfectly apt for party use. These jugs are not only eye catchy but also light weight.


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