"Deepika holds a special significance in my life. She is somebody I respect and admire a lot, somebody whom I have grown close to. She is an awesome person, she is somebody for whom I have great amount of admiration," Ranveer said.

Since the time Ranveer and Deepika started working on romantic drama film ‘Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela’, they have been often seen together and there are speculations about their relationship.

“We are friends. We go out and hang out. I go out and hang out with lot of other people as well, but they are not as famous as her... she is a very cool person to hang out with, I thoroughly enjoy her company. We hang out like any other youngsters who are friendly with each other. I have school friends, Arjun Kapoor... and assistant directors etc with whom I go out. I am protective about all my friends," he said.

Speaking of her first co-star Anushka Sharma, he said, "I did my first and second film with Anushka, so we used to work together, we used to get time to interact a lot. After that we haven't worked together, so we have drifted apart. But she is somebody who always holds a special significance in my life as she was my first heroine. She is somebody who taught me so many things as I was raw and new.... I genuinely believe she is one of the outstanding talents our industry has."
Commenting on reports that at the recent wedding of Dharmendra and Hema Malini's daughter Ahana Deol, Ranveer thrashed a photographer who captured a picture of him with Deepika, the actor said the story was blown out of proportion.

“It is not true. We were all at a wedding reception and we were at a private party there... which was happening in a different enclosure. The person who was taking the photos was taking it without permission, he was not a wedding photographer, he was taking photos secretly. I told him it is not right, if you would ask for a photo I would not say no, but you are taking photos without permission," he said.

"I am 28 years old now and since the last seven years I have not beaten up anyone. I did not get wild but made him understood. There were security people around me, so there was no need to beat him up. I think it the story is made up to spoil my name," he added.


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