Mumbai: Apparently, actors getting injured on sets have become a norm in Bollywood and they working despite that has become a trend. Like what Deepika Padukone experienced recently while shooting for a number alongside Ranveer Singh in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s forthcoming film.

During the shoot, Dippy met with injuries due to some high-adrenaline steps she performed with Ranveer. At the end of the day, her bruised feet from practising on the rough surface were testament to the ordeal of an avant-garde track. “Several shots required close contact between both the leads.

And the actress was left with severe swelling and red gashes since Ranveer sported many heavy accessories and piercings in the film. Some sequences required Ranveer to hit Deepika’s midriff several times — not to mention, swing her around and bang into it as part of the choreography! To add to the pain, the actress was also left with several cuts on her feet by the end of the shoot,” says a source close to Bhansali.

However, the actress didn’t flinch a bit and continued with her dance routine. “She surprised all the crewmembers because she refused to act like a diva,” sums up the source.


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